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The price

what does a foam hat, wig or cap cost?

The prices can be found in the following way,
there is a number, for example, under each photograph. FH-Hanekam-002-3450
FH = model
Hanekam= the name of the wig / hat
001 = 001, 002 etc. This is a kind of similar model in a different color scheme!)
3450 = the price

All our hats and wigs are made to measure or in a one size fits all (this is the model).
The colors in which the hats, wigs and caps are depicted,

are all adaptable to the colors listed on the website.

The examples below are a guideline of the hats we can make,
the accessories that are on the hats are as long as supplies last.
If we can no longer supply these accessories, we will look for another alternative.
We can not make an exact copy of an example it is and remains manual work.
All articles are displayed as faithfully as possible with the photos.
For all articles, however, colors on the screen may appear differently than they are actually delivered.

Indien wij deze accessoires niet meer kunnen leveren, gaan wij op zoek naar een ander alternatief.